Transparency data: DfE external data shares

Updated: Added updated versions of the ‘National pupil database third-party requests’ documents. Added sentence about archived document to bottom of details section.

‘National pupil database third-party requests’ includes:

  • tier of data: description of data held within each tier
  • June 17 to Sept 17: third-party requests for data from the National Pupil Database completed during this period
  • open: open third-party requests which have received no data up to 31 May 2017
  • live cases April 12 to May 17: third-party requests within terms of agreement up to 31 May 2017

Previous versions of this data can be found on the UK Government Web Archive:

‘External organisation data shares’ includes:

  • DfE external data shares supported by memorandum of understandings, data sharing agreements and service level agreements
  • data shares with Home Office
  • data shares with police
  • data shares through court orders

The data in the archived documents may not match the department’s internal data request records due to definitions or business rules changing following process improvements.

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