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  1. INCIDENT: #9115 - SOLUS 3 - Tolerance not met
  2. SIMS 2018 Spring Release

The SIMS 7.180 and FMS 6.180 Spring release is available. Please note, for Capita Hosted schools, the upgrade will be carried out during the weekend commencing Friday 6th April.

The SIMS Spring 2018 release is an essential upgrade in order to run the Summer 2018 census. In addition to the census the release contains several enhancements including the Person Data Output Report to assist schools in producing Subject Access Request information being extended to staff and contacts. There are also a number of change requests including within this release. A full list of these can be accessed via My Account here.


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9 thoughts on “SIMS 2018 Spring Release”

  1. The upgrade consists of:
    •SIMS Spring 2018 Full Release 7.180.40
    •SIMS Spring 2018 Database Only 3.62.951
    •FMS Spring 2018 Full Release 6.180.374
    •FMS Spring 2018 Database Only 6.93.374
    •SIMS Discover 2018 Spring

  2. This evening I have downloaded the updates via SOLUS 3

    I have been asked to perform the FMS upgrade ASAP so that finance for 2017-2018 can be closed down; the SIMS upgrade will be put off until the following week. This allows staff to continue their data input into Assessment Manager via VPN unhindered.

    Tomorrow morning I will:
    1.Check I have a working backup
    2.Create a Server Snapshot (something to return to in case of problems)
    3.Manually trigger:
    – 1.FMS Spring 2018 Full Release 6.180.374
    – 2.FMS Spring 2018 Database Only 6.93.374

  3. After the usual checks:
    •Backup & Snapshots are in place

    I pressed ahead and upgraded “FMS Spring 2018 Full Release 6.180.374”

    I’m happy to report the upgrade went as planned, and after a few workstation updates, working a treat.

    SIMS Spring 2018 Full Release 7.180.40 & SIMS Discover 2018 Spring to follow next week.

  4. So the upgrade of SIMS 7.180 didn’t go at all as planned.

    Starting the upgrade just after 8 am (after snapshots and backups were checked), the upgrade first failed with “Tolerance not met” on the database version; and then spent 4 hours sat doing what appeared to be nothing.

    The Server was returned to its original state, and I’ll try again tonight, however, this time I’ll be doing a manual upgrade rather than through Solus 3.

    Oddly enough I had the “Tolerance not met” issue on the Spring 2015 upgrade. ( I’ll have to refer back to that I think.

  5. I’ve now downloaded the offline updates from
    (you will need to have an account to access these files)

    I have extracted the zip to reveal the ISO, and extracted the ISO to reveal the files.

    I’ve moved them to the SIMS Server into an install directory ready for tonight.

    Inside the file structure, I located the database upgrade zip; I copied that into my s:\sims\setups\folder and ran the DBUpgrade utility, logged, and it found the upgrade file from 3.62.851 (current DB version) to 3.62.951, the version Spring 2018 is looking for.

    I’ve not processed the upgrade file, I’ve just come out of it, then removed it from the setups folder, so that when I run the manual upgrade tonight I’ve not interfered with the process.

  6. Attachment

    At 10 pm I went ahead and completed another snapshot, disconnected the VM from the network, and then started a manual upgrade of SIMS Spring 7.180 using the SIMS Download ISO.

    Using the DBupgrade utility to process the database upgrade (3.62.851 to 3.62.951), the SQL batch stopped at 995 for over an hour. Knowing that this usually shouldn’t be the case, so reverting the system back and running the DBupgrade utility again, but this time with the backup switch turned off. (Although no idea why that made a difference)

    The SQL batch stopped at 995 again, but this time only for 30 minutes, and then went on to 1246 and then 1316 for another 30 minutes.

    The upgrade of the database completed successfully.

  7. Once connected back on to the network, local workstations trigger the application setup files when clicking the SIMS icon.

    The upgrade appears to have been successful.

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