School Census Autumn 2018 – Fileset 1002

Available from: (dated 06/08/18)

Fileset 1002 should be available for deployment via SOLUS3. (dated 06/08/18) Details of how to manage this process are in the document attached below.

How to Configure SOLUS3 and Deploy the Statutory Returns Fileset

Direct Download:

How to Import a Fileset:

Save the fileset to your SIMS\updates folder (The location of this folder will depend on how your directory structure is setup)

  1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the location where you saved the ZIP file
  2. Right Click on the ZIP file and choose Extract All
  3. Click Next on the first page of the Wizard
  4. Change the path to your SIMS\updates folder
  5. Click Next
  6. Remove the tick from Show Extracted Files
  7. Click Finish
  8. Open SIMS .net
  9. Go to Tools > Setups > Import File Sets
  10. Browse to your SIMS\updates folder
  11. Choose the file you have extracted.
  12. Click Import
  13. The panel will show you what you are importing and whether or not the import has been successful.
  14. It is best practice to then exit SIMS and re-open it.
  15. In SIMS, Routines, Statutory returns, School Census, the latest fileset number should appear at the top.

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