About Me

Dave Richardson

Current Role:

Leader of New Technologies and Services.

  • IT Manager
  • Data Manager


Isle of Wight, UK


Primary Education (Age range 4-11)


  • Technology in Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Technical Support
  • Pupil Assessment
  • Parental Engagement
  • Social Media Management


Social Media:


"Some I.T. departments can be compared to working in a hospital emergency room; people come to see you when they need fixing, they want you to help them immediately, they don’t care about the others that came before; It is then your job to assess, prioritise and save as many as you can."


Having primarily worked in the Education I.T. Support environment since leaving school, as a software end-user to a Manager of I.T., I have experienced both sides of technical issues, and understand what information is required to be gathered to assist in a speedy resolution, as well as what information needs to be conveyed in return to the customer to keep them informed, self-supported and ultimately resolved.

I am an experienced IT Manager committed to maintaining service availability, using self-taught technical skills and industry knowledge.

I have the drive to improve the use of I.T. for the use of collaboration and efficiency, as well as recommending changes to procedures to meet the same goals.

With a comprehensive experience of scheduling conversions, overhauls of hardware, infrastructure and services through research, development and testing, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum if temporary measures are not available.

I have extensive experience monitoring, tracking, evaluating and solving I.T. incidents from a range of clients and services, which allow me to quickly obtain background knowledge of similar issues, document actions and endeavour to resolve issues, and where appropriate, distribute status updates to inform multiple end-user groups or key staff.

I’m very much deadline focused and methodical at problem-solving, able to work alone or with others, flexible and adapt to working outside of normal 9-5 working hours, honest and humorous and thrives in a friendly fun environment.

Very much self-taught, passionate, eager to learn, share and offer support to others.

Usual duties include:

  • Planning and installing appropriate hardware and software,
  • Setting up user accounts and retrieving lost information such as files, passwords and usernames,
  • Providing support and solving network or application problems and monitoring backups,
  • Monitoring the network efficiency, carrying out any changes needed to improve performance,
  • Maintaining network security at all times, implementing extra security measures when required,
  • Providing reports, data analysis and training.

“The best thing about being an IT Manager is that I get to do something I’m genuinely interested in. Developments in computing move extremely quickly, meaning that the job is constantly changing. There are always new security threats or ways of improving the network, so you never stop learning. I really enjoy finding out about the latest developments in the computer industry, and introducing them to my systems.”


  • Communication,
  • Developed organisational skills,
  • Good attention to detail,
  • The ability to describe technical information simply and efficiently across the business,
  • Patience.

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  • Installation and Support of Microsoft Operating Systems (Server & Workstation)
  • Active Directory & Group Policy Management
    • Active Directory scripting
  • Asset & Support Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite of products
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) – (Capita SIMS/ FMS)
    • Core (Pupil Records)
    • Assessment and Progress of Study
    • Attendance
    • Behaviour and achievement
    • Interventions
    • Data Returns
      • Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2
      • Census Returns
    • Discover
    • Reporting
    • SOLUS 3 (Upgrade and Installation Manager)
    • FMS (Finance)
    • Updates, Installations and Migrations (MIS and SQL)
    • End of Year Promotional mapping
  • Disaster Data Recovery Planning
  • Exchange Server
  • Windows Deployment Service (WDS) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Virtual Servers
    • Hyper-V
    • vSphere
    • VMWare
  • Hardware Installation of Infrastructure
    • Servers
    • Workstations (Fat and Thin Clients)
    • Wireless Management
    • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
    • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
    • Printers (Standalone, networked and Multi-Function)
  • Support and Training

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Although focussing on the larger area of secondary schools, the ANME is free to join, and open to all network managers or IT technicians in education, whether primary, secondary, colleges, or universities, and in any sector – state, academies and independent. THE most trusted tech community around. Get fast answers to your IT questions, research vendors and products, and level up your IT game. EduGeek.net is a British-based online peer support community and information portal for IT professionals predominantly working in the field of education, operating primarily as an internet forum myAcademies is an online space for established and converting academy schools, where best-practice techniques, the latest education news and relevant documentation can be shared, reviewed and discussed – and great connections can be made!

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I’m very sociable, I like to get in there, mingle and make those connections that will blossom into good friendships; As a keen cinema-goer, I’ll watch almost anything from Science Fiction, romantic tear-jerking dramas to thought-provoking documentaries.

I have been a keen clubber of London, although these days I’m just happy to listen to some banging tunes down the gym or out for a walk.

Motorcycles have always been of an interest, I’ve had a few from a 125 to a super-sport. I’m not sure where that desire or connection came from, I’m just drawn to them.

I’m also a cyclist and as mentioned before a walker, having a good day out with the Island’s magnificent views either on my own or with friends is a great way to spend a day.

I love a relaxing holiday on a cruise ship, it’s great to have a holiday that starts the moment you step onboard; your hotel stays the same, it’s the scenery and countries that change around you; although saying that, I’ve been snowboarding in Andorra and baking in the sun in the Florida Keys, I’m content with either.

Technology plays a big part of my life, after getting my hands on a BBC Micro Computer when they were first introduced to schools all those years ago, the doomsday project [link], laser discs the size of LPs, getting my hands on the island’s first internet connection in education, the transition to Personal Computers, programming, software development, networking, telecommunications, mobile phones, PDAs, internet shopping, the introduction of satellite television (1988) in the UK, website development, voice over IP, virtual computing, Apple Mac and fitness trackers.

It makes me feel old, but experiencing technology grow from experimental ideas, gives me a true understanding of how technological fundamentals shape My world today, and not just knowing how to use it. Having that insight deepens my passion for where I am heading and drives my need to embrace change.

I’m always taking photos, I like to record moments around me that grab my attention, however, you won’t find me on Facebook and Twitter sharing every personal moment of my life with complete strangers, however, I’m happy to blog, share thoughts and ideas.

I’m passionate and have that urge to help others from my mostly self-taught experiences.

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Steve Bartlett
Vice Principal at Capital School Kingdom of Bahrain

During my time as Headteacher at "Site-1" Community Primary School, I appointed Dave to the new and exciting role entitled ‘Leader of New Technology.’

The role encompassed developing ICT as both a highly effective learning tool as well as that for more effective leadership and management of the school. It was a unique and great appointment.

Unlike most schools at the time who were appointing someone who had an interest in IT, I appointed a high-level person who had spent many years designing, building and implementing infrastructures in schools across the authority.

His impact was profound and immediate. Through his in-depth knowledge along with his vision and endless passion, I was able to build a great system and purchase advanced next-generation resources that benefited everyone who worked there, every single learner and the parent community.

He certainly made the difference I wanted. I regret not seeing the whole vision put into place and I wish I could have him here with me now. If any schools want the best ICT provision, then Dave is the man you need on your staff.

Claire Havard
Administrator at Glastonbury Abbey

Dave is not only extremely knowledgeable in his field but meticulously organised in his approach to new projects and willing to persevere in difficult conditions to achieve his goals on time. 

During the time I worked together he completely restructured the IT system at "Site-1" School and continually ensures that the school is at the forefront of technology over and above most primary schools. 
He is a pleasure to work with, not only would it be amazing to have his expertise in my current office but his sense of humour is second to none!

Roger Millward
Technical and Software Consultant at Capita Business Services

I have worked with Dave since July 1997 through to July 2009 with both the Local Authority and Capita Education Services.

Dave is a very experienced and professional IT Consultant, providing Hardware, Software and Network installation/support to a wide customer skill base. 

He has an in-depth knowledge of Capita’s MIS Software and is able to provide comprehensive support for Core and extended modules

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  • IWC – Safeguarding Children and Young People (Level 2)


  • SIMS – Analysing Assessment Data – Primary


  • IWC – Preparing for the Computing National Curriculum
  • IWC – Safeguarding Foundation
  • MVA – Migrating Legacy Windows Server to 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure
  • MVA – Migrating to Windows Server 2012
  • MVA – Office Guides: Exchange Cutover Migrations with Office 365


  • HOM – Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing FGM V1.3
  • IWC – E-Safety in Schools
  • IWC – The Role of the LADO


  • EDC – The Prevent Duty (Level 2)
  • EDC – Child Exploitation & Online Safety (Level 2)
  • EDC – Data Protection (Level 2)
  • EDC – Fire Safety in Education (Level 2)
  • EDC – Child Protection in Education (Level 2)
  • EDC – Female Genital Mutilation Awareness (Level 2)
  • EDC – Online Safety (Level 2)
  • IWC – Safeguarding Foundation


  • EDC – An Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2)
  • EDC – Child Neglect (Level 2)
  • EDC – Equality & Diversity (Level 2)
  • EDC – An Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (Level 2)


  • EDC – Fire Safety in Education (Level 2)
  • EDC – Online Safety (Level 2)
  • EDC – Preventing Bullying (Level 2)
  • EDC – Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People (Level 2)
  • EDC – Data Protection (Level 2)
  • EDC – Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (Level 2)


IWC – Isle of Wight Council, SIMS – Capita SIMS Education, MVA – Microsoft Virtual Academy,
HOM – Home Office, EDC – EduCare Learning


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Employment and Role History

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  • 2009-current - Primary Education - Manager of IT and Assessment
  • Providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to pupils and staff
    • Operating Systems, Server 2008, 2012 and 2016
    • Operating Systems, Windows 7 and Windows 10
    • Microsoft Exchange 2010 (email delivery and mailbox management)
    • Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365
    • Cloud Services such as Learning Platform, Websites, OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud
    • Desktops, terminals, laptops, window tablets, iPads, iPods and iPhones
    • For a range of Curriculum software packages (including)
      • Bugclub, Mathletics, EduCare and Micro Librarian (Account management)
    • For a range of Administrative software packages
      • SIMS, FMS, Discover, Texting Services, TeacherApp and Payment Services
      • DFE Secure Access, EduBase and EduCare
    • Fault reporting, investigation and resolution
  • Interactive TV scheduling and content management
  • Installing and maintaining Servers and workstations for both curriculum and administration
    • Virtual and physical servers, printers and multifunction devices and appliances
  • Installation, configuration and management of:
    • Windows Deployment Service (WDS)
    • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
    • Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)
    • Windows Hyper-V (Virtual Server Hosting) & Clustering
    • VMWare (Virtual Server Hosting)
    • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Active Directory, Group Policy, share permissions along with
    • Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Encryption for both Email and Disk
  • Virus, Malware, Ransomware and data protection
  • Managing and Maintaining printers and Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) as well as usage reporting and credit control.
  • Consumable stock management
  • Planning, installation, developing and maintaining network infrastructure
    • Local Area Networks (LAN),
    • Wide Area Networks (WAN),
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Disaster recovery planning, implementation, testing and monitoring
  • Installing and maintaining internet infrastructure
    • Firewalls, Web Filters and Exchange
  • Dealing with site Systems
    • Burglary, Fire and Security systems for buildings, doors and gates
    • Phone system (Configuration and bill monitoring)
  • Maintaining and developing SIMS
    • Assessment, attendance, behaviour and achievement, curriculum management, interventions and reporting
    • Maintaining Capita's TeacherApp, SIMS upgrades via Solus 3 and Migration of SQL
    • Termly assessment and end of year reporting (Hampshire, Capita Progress of Study and Internal)
    • End of Year SIMS Pastoral Promotions and pupil/class assignments.
  • Completing DFE requirements
    • KS1/2 DfES Teacher Assessment and Census returns
  • Liaising with suppliers and working to the department budget expenditure
    • Purchasing and best value practices for I.T. equipment/software and licensing.
    • 3rd Party installations and managed services
  • Monitoring and maintaining Social Media platform access
  • Hypertext Pre-processor / Structured Query Language (PHP / SQL)
  • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • 2007-2009 - Capita Education - MIS/Technical Consultant for Professional Services.
    • Providing telephone and on-site support to schools nationally up and down the country.
      • Supporting and installing Capita SIMS and Microsoft products.
      • Supporting and installing Servers and Computers.
      • Liaising with 3rd parties for project work.

  • 1997-2007 - Local Authority - SIMS Technician.
    • Providing telephone and on-site support to 60+ Island schools.
      • Administrative Network Infrastructure.
      • Administrative Servers, Computers and printers.
      • Supporting Capita SIMS and Microsoft products.
      • Liaising with 3rd parties for project work.

  • 1994-1997 - High School Education - SIMS Database Operator.
    • Maintaining and updating pupil, attendance and exam information,
    • Maintaining administrative network infrastructure and computers.

  • 1993-1994 - High School Education - Library Technician.
    • Looking after the core library issuing system and library computer suite.

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