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    This site is predominantly aimed at educational establishments or members of the community that support those establishments, either in an IT or Assessment capacity, although anyone with an interest is welcome. The site was born out of aspirations to share self-taught knowledge and support other community users. Many end-users more often than not end up re-creating the wheel either through lack of knowledge or not having a community to support them. These days there are many platforms available, however, they are vast and try to encompass all aspects; this platform aims at a specific target audience, that of the Primary School in both Information Technology and Assessment.

    Whilst for many years this platform has been free and open to use, there are challenging times ahead and funding to keep the site going is unfortunately now essential; the introduction of Google Adsense advertisements goes a small way towards that, however, if you have found this platform of use, your appreciation through sponsorship is very much appreciated.

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