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This section is used to display all My current quote requests, how I score them as well as past requests.

I offer this section to suppliers so that they can schedule checks and diminishes unnecessary phone calls.

Check the "Current" tab for current RFQs.

Please send your quotes to

  • Please include delivery to the Isle of Wight
  • For the majority of orders it is required that at least 3 quotes are obtained from different suppliers to make sure "Best Value" and not always "cheapest is best".

As of 08-02-2018 - 22 suppliers are registered to view RFQs and submit quotes.

All quotes are scored appropriately for:

  • Individual items and overall cost.
  • Delivery cost (if applicable).
  • Delivery Time / Scheduling (if applicable).
  • Pre-Sales Advice, Support and Guidance.
  • A negative score for pressure sales or harassment to order which is carried forward to future quotes.
  • Previous experience of physical work (if on site/if applicable).
  • After Sales Service (if used before).
  • Customer Service and Returns Policy (based on previous experience if applicable).
  • A negative score for delays which is carried forward to future quotes.
Don't forget to give your best quote first time, this speeds up the process and if there is a very close match in prices, I may get you to re-quote, but this is not guaranteed.

Stage 0 - Preparing (no need to quote just yet)

    Stage 1 - Current Quote Requests

      Stage 2 - Quotes Pending Selection and Sign-off

         * Some quotes are not public by default due to sensitive details, such as maps, diagrams, pictures and infrastructure configuration. If you are a preferred supplier these quotes may be made available to you, please call for details.

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