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This site is predominantly aimed at educational establishments and members of the community that support those establishments, either in an IT or Assessment capacity, although anyone with an interest is welcome.

New for 2019

It was decided at the end of 2018 to take the site back to basics; The original site at daveiw.co.uk had grown immensely holding all sorts of information in a variety of different ways; The downside was that the site just got slower and slower with plugin after plugin making things work.

So this 2nd iteration will focus on Education and become the primary site.

Of course with most changes, there are always niggly bits that get in the way, so if you have any link issues within some older posts, please let me know.

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No user accounts have been migrated from the original site, they have now expired [22/Jan/2019], so you will need to register again on this site to access content.

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